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Thank you for following your intuition to explore one of the visions to highlight the intent for our collaboratory.








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About us

This is a prototype platform for The Collaboratory, a community of innovators working on systemic change initiatives.

PurposeTo get shift done, by building knowledge commons, marketplaces to showcase our businesses and projects, and sharing robust profiles to help us better find people of similar values and alignments.
PrinciplesProvide safe and focused community spaces. Host conversations that matter. Practice respectful miscommunication. Build trust as the gravity that holds people networks together.
ProcessCo-creative and emergent. (Another way of saying We have no idea but We are determined to try out and share what works for us).
PermissionAs a construction site the collaboratory itself is not open to public access at this time, but we are planning for a large part of what we build to be open source (people, processes and tools, rather than code), and public under Creative Commons agreements, like the co-created blog at




Image Midwestern U.S. at Night With Aurora Borealis  (NASA, International Space Station, 2011-09-29)

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Self-appointed:  Bernd Nurnberger, Benjamin Brownell


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Open Space
Home page: The Collaboratory - Open Space
Bernd Nurnberger
This is a  prototype space for a first public front of the Collaboratory, a community of innovators working on systemic change initiatives. As a construction site the Collaboratory it is not open to public access at this time. We appreciate your interest. If you wish to get informed when we open for public, please ... (enable e-mail registration. We do not spam.)   

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